FMB is a locally owned sales and marketing firm with a focus on new home sales. The FMB team has proven success in creating a turnkey experience for landowners, developers, and homebuilders, which begins as early as seeking out the ideal property on which to create entire neighborhoods.

We are a firm with a family feel that believes empowering our team is the best way to empower our partners. By offering our partners access to targeted research and analytics, we deliver success in the constantly changing real estate and development industry. We bring meaningful data to the table to help our clients set market-driven goals and make the right decisions, resulting in a measurable impact on new home sales.

At FMB, our mission is to create a seamless experience for our partners through new home sales and marketing services that result in success with every transaction.


The FMB team is driven by integrity and reliability. We are results driven. We believe in partnerships that work for all parties. FMB understands that successful residential construction starts well before the first shovel hits the dirt. This is why FMB engages clients long before building begins and remains involved until the community is completed, offering seamless high-level marketing and dedicated sales to promote sustainable growth.

FMB partners with landowners, developers, and builders, providing them with research on the right product, the assembly of a dynamic builder team, and dedicated sales associates trained by our seasoned FMB team.


FMB is forward-thinking. With our experience in market trends, we pride ourselves on finding future opportunities for our clients.

As we look to the future, the FMB team is excited to continue expanding throughout the Carolinas. This expansion will offer increased land opportunities for our clients and enable developers/builders to engage our services, easing their burden so they can focus on their core competencies. We are continually increasing our talent by hiring enthusiastic team members who are excited to grow with the real estate market.

For us, a typical customer is anything but typical, which is why our partners consider themselves an extension of our team. We are successful only when our clients are successful.